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Dental Hygiene Maghull

Keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy is our main priority and we will work with you to ensure that you are looking after your oral health at home and have a thorough cleaning routine in place.

Dental Hygienist in Maghull/Ormskirk

It is important to maintain a positive daily oral care routine to avoid future dental problems or complications from arising. Our dentists and hygienists are always happy to help you to maintain your oral health.

Why it’s important to look after your teeth

We only get one set of adult teeth, so it’s essential we take care of them to avoid damage or tooth loss. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a variety of issues such as:

  • Bad breath
  • A build-up of plaque and tartar
  • Gum disease
  • Decay and cavities

When you attend Northway Dental Practice to see one of our dentists or dental hygienists in Maghull or Ormskirk, we will assess your teeth and provide advice around your home care routine. We will also provide treatment if required to provide extra support to teeth that may have weakened.

How should I be caring for my teeth?

Looking after your teeth and gums should be part of your daily routine. We recommend taking the following steps to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible:

  1. Brush at least twice a day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night
  2. Ensure you brush your teeth for at least two minutes. You may want to use an electronic toothbrush which helpfully times this for you
  3. Don’t brush too hard – contrary to popular belief, brushing harder won’t necessarily make your teeth cleaner but could, in fact, damage your enamel
  4. Use a fluoride toothpaste
  5. Floss at least once a day to remove any food particles from between the teeth

Why visit a hygienist?

Our team of experienced hygienists at Northway Dental Practice are trained to professionally clean your teeth and gums – helping you to maintain a fresher, cleaner standard of oral health.

A professional scale and polish treatment remove plaque-build up from the surface of your teeth and the gum line. If left, plaque can harden to form tartar, which is difficult to remove by traditional brushing.


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We recommend visiting our hygienists every six months so that they can thoroughly clean your teeth and examine your gums for any signs of inflammation or bleeding.

As well as cleaning your teeth, our hygienists are trained to perform the following:

  • Provide advice on your oral home care routine
  • Provide advice on diet and the impact of sugary foods and drinks on your teeth
  • Show you correct brushing and flossing techniques
  • Identify any dental issues that may require the attention of one of our dentists
  • Provide smoking cessation advice
  • Recommend effective dental care products

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    • Northway Dental Practice
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  • 0151 526 2701