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Five Causes of Discolouration to Avoid for a Whiter Smile


There are many every day things that can cause your teeth to become discoloured or dull, and not all of these things are unavoidable. If a deep clean and regular brushing isn’t helping remove discolouration, professional teeth whitening is a great solution to consider if you find the colour of your smile is affecting your confidence. As we all know, confidence is they key to a happy, healthy smile! Below are five causes of discolouration to mindful of to help maintain a whiter smile.

  • Staining – some of our favourite foods and drinks, like sweets, coffee, and wine, can cause staining or discolouration to your teeth. Teeth whitening can help reverse these affects. 
  • Aging – as you get older, the enamel on your teeth naturally wears away, causing more discolouration. This can also happen from brushing too hard!
  • Effects of smoking – smoking can severely affect the colour of your teeth. If your teeth have become discoloured, teeth whitening could be the perfect treat for quitting, to restore a whiter, healthier smile. 
  • Previous Poor Hygiene – brushing and flossing at least twice a day is essential to maintain a brighter smile. Long term build up of plaque can cause staining to the surface of your teeth and eventually decay. Some people may have gone through times where their dental hygiene was neglected, and that’s okay! We can help restore your smile and confidence.
  • Natural discolouration – some people naturally have teeth which are duller, or even tinted slightly yellow. In this case you can try to prevent further staining, however professional teeth whitening may be needed to brighten your smile.

Whilst we can do our best to maintain good dental hygiene and avoid staining, it is almost impossible to avoid discolouration over the years. One of the biggest benefits of teeth whitening is the immediate results that can have a significant impact your confidence,

If you think whitening could be right for you, we recommend always visiting a Dental professional to discuss what is right for your teeth. You can find more information about our at home whitening and enlighten whitening here:

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