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Enlighten Teeth Whitening in Maghull


Northway Dental Practice Maghull are now offering the innovative, effective and sought-after instant teeth whitening system Enlighten!

What is Enlighten?

Enlighten Whitening is an highly-effective combination treatment that takes part in 2 steps; 2 weeks home treatment followed by an 1-hour appointment with one of our Enlighten Dentists at the practice. It works by increasing the permeability of your tooth, allowing us to break down any stains with oxygen. This process can not only guarantee Vita Shade B1, but is much gentler on the teeth than traditional whitening and is much less likely to cause any short-term sensitivity.

What is the process for Enlightening Teeth Whitening?

After an initial teeth whitening consultation, one of our Enlighten Dentists will provide you with a bespoke kit of whitening trays and gels specially manufactured to fit your teeth and chosen for your desired result. After 14 nights of wearing your kit, you will return for an 1-hour teeth whitening appointment with your Dentist, who will use an extra high-strength professional treatment to complete your smile.

Why Choose Enlighten?

Enlighten is one of the most sought-after safe and easy treatments available right now. The active ingredient in Enlighten gel passes through dental enamel breaking down stains by chemical oxidisation to improve the shade of your teeth by up to 16 shades.

Is there any follow- up care for Enlighten Teeth Whitening?

Enlighten Whitening is so gentle on the teeth, you should not suffer from any sensitivity and so effective you don’t need to worry about what you eat or drink afterwards. However, as with any patient we recommend being mindful of things such as smoking or drinking red wine or coffee; all things that contribute to staining! Looking after your oral health is important regardless of whether you have used a teeth-whitening treatment. Brushing and flossing every day is essential.

How can I get started?

If Enlighten Teeth Whitening sounds like the right treatment for you, you will initially need to have a teeth-whitening consultation with one of our Dentists. You can call the practice on call 0151 526 2701 or email to book.

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    • Northway Dental Practice
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