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Debunking Common Misconceptions About Dental Implants


Let’s help you make an informed decision about getting dental implants in Ormskirk

Perhaps you are presently battling with whether or not to get dental implants because of the several myths and misconceptions you have heard about the treatment. You are not alone at this juncture.

Many people have been stopped from achieving their dream smile with dental implants because of misinformation. At Northway Dental Practice, our goal is that everyone is well-informed about their treatment so they can make the best decision about their dental health.

So, in this post, we will be debunking some common myths about dental implants, empowering you with knowledge and confidence in your journey towards a radiant smile.


Why Dental Implants?

Dental implants is a modern solution for replacing missing teeth. They offer a foundation that mimics the strength and stability of natural teeth.

Essentially, they are small titanium posts surgically placed into the jawbone, where they fuse with the bone to act as anchors for artificial teeth.

Especially in Ormskirk, this has been a popular treatment option for people with missing teeth. Now, let’s see why people choose dental implants over other dental care options.

Missing teeth Ormskirk

Perks of Dental Implants

Natural Feel and Function: Implants are designed to feel, look, and function like your natural teeth. They restore your ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence, without the inconvenience of traditional dentures.

Longevity and Reliability: With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime. They are a long-term investment in your oral health, providing a more durable solution than other tooth-replacement options.

Preservation of Bone Structure: Unlike other tooth-replacement methods like dentures and bridges, implants stimulate and preserve natural bone growth, helping to maintain the structure of your face and jaw.

Improved Oral Health: Dental implants do not require altering adjacent teeth, as a bridge might. This preservation of your natural teeth enhances long-term oral health and functionality.

Boosted Self-Esteem: By restoring the appearance of your normal teeth, implants can significantly boost your confidence and self-esteem, impacting your overall quality of life.


Common Misconceptions About Dental Implants

Despite their popularity and proven success, there are several myths out there about the treatment. Let’s debunk these misconceptions to help you have a clearer understanding:

#1: The Result Don’t Look Natural

One of the biggest myths about implants is that they won’t look like your normal teeth. In reality, dental implants are designed to closely mimic the appearance of your teeth, from colour to shape, providing a seamless and natural-looking smile.

#2: Dental Implant is Painful

While the idea of dental surgery might sound daunting, the implant process is typically performed under anaesthesia, making it virtually painless.

Most patients report that the discomfort is minimal, often less than that of a tooth extraction, and manageable with standard pain relief.

#3: Implants are Not for Older People

This is again another misconception about this treatment. The truth is; there’s no age limit for dental implants!

They are a viable option for most adults, regardless of age, as long as they have adequate bone density and are in good overall health. Many older patients have successfully rejuvenated their smiles with implants.

Are you a senior looking to get dental implants in Ormskirk? Contact us now to discuss the journey to your dream smile!

#4: Implants Don’t Last Long

On the contrary, dental implants are durable and, with proper care, an implant may last a lifetime. They have a high success rate and are usually one of the most reliable forms of dental restoration.

#5: They Are Too Expensive

While dental implants can be more costly upfront compared to other dental treatments, their longevity and benefits often make them a more cost-effective solution in the long run.

At Northway Dental, we also offer financing options to help manage the costs. Just reach out to us now to discuss your needs.

#6: It Requires a Lot of Maintenance

That’s not true! Implants don’t require any special care beyond good oral hygiene practices. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups are sufficient to maintain your implants, just like your normal teeth.

#7: Implant Surgery is Risky

As with any surgery, there are risks involved, but dental implant surgery is a well-established, safe, and effective surgical procedure when performed by a qualified professional. With us at Northway, the risk of complications is low, and success rates are high.

#8: Implant Can Damage Your Teeth

They actually help preserve your natural teeth by preventing bone loss and supporting adjacent teeth, unlike other restorative procedures that might require altering neighbouring teeth.

#9: Anybody Can Perform Implants

In the real sense of things, not all dentists have the right training to perform dental implant surgeries. It’s crucial to seek a dental implant specialist who has the skill and experience to ensure the best outcome.

Proper training and expertise in implant dentistry are essential for successful implant placement.


dental implants dentist

There Are Different Types of Dental Implants

Implants come in various types to cater to different needs and preferences. At Northway Dental Practice, we understand that every smile is unique, and we’re here to help you find the perfect match for your dental health. Here’s a brief overview of the different types of implants we offer:

Endosteal Implants: Endosteal implants are the most common type. They are placed directly into the jawbone, serving as an artificial root to which crowns, bridges, or dentures can be attached.

Subperiosteal Implants: This is ideal for patients with insufficient bone height. The implants rest on top of the jawbone but under the gum tissue, providing a secure foundation for tooth replacement.

Mini Implants: Mini implants are smaller in size and are an excellent option for stabilizing lower dentures or for patients with limited bone density.

All-on-4® Implants: This is a revolutionary approach. It provides a full-arch restoration using only four implants, offering a quicker and less invasive solution.

Each type of implant offers its own benefits, and our team at Northway Dental Practice is dedicated to helping you choose the best option for your individual needs.

Whether you’re missing one tooth or require a full arch restoration, we have the expertise to bring your smile back to life.

Transform Your Smile Today: Begin Your Journey with Dental Implants

Don’t let myths and misconceptions hold you back from achieving the smile you’ve always dreamed of. If missing teeth are affecting your confidence or your ability to enjoy your favourite foods, now is the moment to take action.

At Northway Dental Practice, we’re committed to guiding you through every step of your implant journey. Our team of expert dentists is here to provide you with personalised care. That way, you can be sure your experience will be as comfortable and successful as possible.

Call 0151 526 2701 now to begin your journey to a new smile!


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